The Town

Cordoba is the third most populous city in Spain’s largest autonomous community, Andalusia. This city had great importance in ancient times since it was a prominent population in the time of the Roman Empire and it was the capital of the Caliphate of Cordoba in the Muslim era. It is known that Cordoba had a population of around one million inhabitants in the X century, which made it the largest city in the world. The city is full of archaeological remains and architectural manifestations of the three main cultures of antiquity: the Muslim, the Jewish and the Christian, which for centuries coexisted in this city. You can not miss a visit to the Jewish quarter, or to the Mosque (today the city’s Cathedral) or to the beautiful corners and squares, such as the Cristo de los Faroles, with Christian symbolism, that plague the city.

The historic centre of Cordoba was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994.


Academic offer

Within the academic offer of the city plays a fundamental role the University of Cordoba whose Official Language Center (UCOidiomas) contemplates a section dedicated to the teaching of Spanish for foreigners. Both members of the University of Córdoba and students outside the University can enrol in this course. The courses have complementary activity programs that help the student to capture the identity of the city and Spanish culture. In addition, UCOidiomas provides its students with the possibility of staying during the course in one of the Spanish families that have been carefully selected for it.

Apart from the academic offer offered by the University, there is at the city one private centre accredited by the Instituto Cervantes. This is the Academia Hispánica school, dependent on the International House business group, and which has a Spanish section.

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