Iberside gaming features are based on the use that you make of the website tools. We are focused on the daily practice of the language, so regularly visiting the website, interacting every day with other users or the regular use of the website learning tools allows you to earn points and unlock achievements. The gaming features allow the classification of the the members of the community in a ranking of users. The points and achievements earned and the ranking of each user are public. In addition, the comments that each user writes about the others provide information about each member of the community.


These are the points you can get using iberside community

Below you can see which actions are valid to win or lose points (click on show details).
Once you earn a point, we’ll send you an email with your current score points. In addition, there is a section in the menu of your profile where you can see your earned points and also those of the other members of the community.
Be careful, some actions detract points! If you do any of these actions, we will also text you that you have lost points and what happens to your current score after that.


7 Course-point Awards
  • Complete a course (5 course-point)
  • Complete a quiz (2 course-point)
  • Succesfully pass a quiz (3 course-point)
  • Complete a topic (1 course-point)
  • Complete a lesson (1 course-point)
  • Join any group (1 course-point)
  • Enroll in a course (1 course-point)
1 Course-point Deduction
  • Fail a quiz (2 course-point removed)


11 Friend-point Awards
  • Get a friendship request accepted (1 friend-point)
  • Get a favorite on an activity post (1 friend-point)
  • Get accepted on a private group (1 friend-point)
  • Get promoted as moderator/administrator of a group (1 friend-point)
  • Send a friendship request (1 click-point per day you do it)
  • Accept a friendship request (1 click-point)
  • Favorite an activity post (1 click-point per day you do it)
  • Join a group (1 click-point per day you do it)
  • Request to join a private group (1 click-point per day you do it)
  • Invite someone to join a group (1 click-point per day you do it)
  • Promote another member to moderator/administrator of a group (1 click-point per day you do it)
4 Friend-point Deductions
  • Get a favorite removed on an activity post (1 friend-point removed)
  • Remove a friendship (1 click-point removed)
  • Remove a favorite on an activity post (1 click-point removed)
  • Leave a group (1 click point removed)


2 Regularity-point Awards
  • 20 days/month website visitor (1 regularity-point)
  • Daily visitor (1 point every day you visit the website)


4 Write-point Awards
  • Send/Reply to a private message (1 write-point per day you do it)
  • Publish an activity post (1 write-point per day you do it)
  • Reply to an activity post (1 write-point per day you do it)
  • Publish an activity post in a group (1 write-point per day you do it)
2 Write-point Deductions
  • Remove an activity post (1 write-point removed)
  • Remove an activity post from a group (1 write-point removed)


These are the awards you can earn getting iberisde points

Below you can read the achievements that can be rewarded by earning points at iberside.
Every time you win an achievement, it will be posted on your profile so other users can get an idea about what kind of user you are. This is valuable information when someone wants to contact another user to make a tandem
When an achievement requires completing some steps, each time you complete one step, we will text you with the step you have completed and the ones you have pending to reach the achievement.

Completed profile award

We are looking for real people to join the iberside community. We reward people who complete the iberside registration requirements, download the card that identifies them as a member of the community and try the first connection with other users


7 Steps

  • Register to website
  • Sign-up for the first time
  • Activate account in the community
  • Upload profile avatar
  • Update profile information
  • Send your first friendship request
  • Get the iberside card

Premium user award

Premium users are those who use all the tools that iberside offers. You can get this award if you complete some steps by using iberside community resources


Friendship award

You will get this award once you get 20 friend-points. That means that you are a user with a high level of acceptance in the community since you have got other users´ comments on your publications or they have marked your posts as favourite ones, they have accepted you as a friend or as a member of a group, or they have promoted you to moderator or administrator of a group.

Steadiness award

Keep in mind that perseverance is the main quality that you must implement to learn any language. So, you will get this award by being a recurring user of the website. To get the reward you need to earn 150 regularity points which means that you are a steady user of the website.


These are the ranks you can get using iberside tools

iberside users fall into one of these three rankings: the default ranking is the ROOKIES, who are the most inexperienced users; then come the PRO users and, finally, the IBERSIDERS who are the advanced users of the website.



The default rank in iberside is Rookie. To get this rank you will simply have to register on the website. But you must complete your language preferences (target language and native language and your level of Spanish) to have access to the community features. If you do not complete all this information, you will only have basic access to the website, you will not be able to publish, search for friends, form tandems or create or be part of groups, for example.

People who have reached this:

  • Profile photo of SergeypiMC
  • Profile photo of iyacojowiijuo
  • Profile photo of cepaysor
  • Profile photo of Kristie Ellwood
  • Profile photo of Heike Mertz
  • Profile photo of seog
  • Profile photo of JamesgusSG
  • Profile photo of RaymondtamNI
  • Profile photo of MarlinSonVB
  • Profile photo of AlexeyDewGY
  • Profile photo of JerryfeTIV
  • Profile photo of LouisExeseCC
  • Profile photo of JimmyborSV
  • Profile photo of RobertfrodsYY
  • Profile photo of BobbyunpabZH
  • Profile photo of Miguilito
  • Profile photo of GROUPCLASS_IBERSIDE
  • Profile photo of 1TO1_IBERSIDE
  • Profile photo of DavidLemos
  • Profile photo of Peter
  • Profile photo of RafaMM
  • Profile photo of AntwanOdono
  • Profile photo of sabina
  • Profile photo of WANCHENG
  • Profile photo of Andrewpaita
  • Profile photo of Jon
  • Profile photo of Daniela Najmias Ramallo
  • Profile photo of Ali Oli
  • Profile photo of Shushu Maria
  • Profile photo of Lucia Fifi
  • Profile photo of Verónica
  • Profile photo of Sarita
  • Profile photo of Saida
  • Profile photo of Deshaka
  • Profile photo of ZHENGYANG SUN
  • Profile photo of Virginia
  • Profile photo of Alberto
  • Profile photo of Ofelia
  • Profile photo of Luis
  • Profile photo of Victor Badillo
  • Profile photo of iberside admin


To earn this range you must unblock the achievements that depends on your own actions by using the iberside resources. So you have to complete your profile, be a regular website visitor and use most of the iberside tools to  be a Pro member. in other words, you must develop an active participation in the website.


Ibersiders are advanced users who have managed to unlock all the achievements. That means that they have unlocked the requirements to be a Pro ibersider and, besides, they have a great acceptance level among the other members of the community having unlocked the friendship achievement.