Basic guide for those who want to start studying Spanish as a second language. Discover some of the reasons why almost 22 million people were studying Spanish as a foreign language in 2019. We give you the keys to decide to learn Spanish and some tricks so that you make the most of your time overcoming the curve of oblivion. Be autonomous in your learning using the tools provided by new technologies and the iberside platform with its community. Find out what language skills you need to train and learn how to design a control document to improve your learning process. Finally, we analyze the situation of language tourism in Spain, how you can find a Spanish school for foreigners if you want to carry out an immersive experience, complementary activities, accommodation and internships in companies and volunteering, as well as the requirements that you have to meet to enter Spain depending on your country of origin and how long your residence will last.


Basic guide about start studying Spanish as a second language



  • 1.- Why learn Spanish?

    – The health of Spanish as a language of international communication.

    – Why study Spanish as a second language

    • Extension
    • Economic importance
    • Concentration
    • Internet communication capability


  • 2.- Motivation and Planning

    – Don’t be impatient

    – I have a plan

    – Create your method

    – 5 tips to get you started


  • 3.- The curve of oblivion

    – Forward or review

    – The curve of oblivion, how we retain information

    – The antidote

    – An example


  • 4.- Language skills

    – Listen

    – Talk

    – Read

    – Write


  • 5.- Control your plan

    – The control document

    – Sections you have to include in your control document

    • The reason
    • Commitment
    • Skills
    • Resources
    • The Diary
    • The agenda

    – An example


  • 6.- The immersive experience in Spain

    – What is language tourism

    – Language tourism in Spain

    • Courses
    • Accredited centres
    • School and course searchers

    – Accommodation

    – Complementary activities

    – To work in Spain

    – Entry into Spain: types of visas

    • Schengen
    • Countries that don’t need a visa
    • Countries in need of a visa
    • Study visa specialities