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The Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA) is the capital of Argentina. As a capital city, it offers a wide gastronomic proposal, in addition to theatre, arts, tours and music, among others. It has always been characterized by the avant-garde and modernity spirit, which has led it to be known as “the Paris of South America”, due to the French cultural influence of the nineteenth century in architecture, letters and art in general. Likewise, the great migratory influence has made Buenos Aires a really welcoming city for foreigners, so it is a very friendly city to travel and walk, both day and night.

In this course, we will see a little of how much we can enjoy in Buenos Aires, some singularities of the Argentine porteño, how two stars of Argentine football have not lost their accent even though the fact that they have been living in Spain for a long time and some special oddness of the literary work of an innovative Argentine to whom they have dedicated a cafeteria in Buenos Aires.